12 hot sauces 2015

#1 Cajohns Bourbon Infused Chipotle-Habanero Hot Sauce: One of our most popular hot sauces, this chipotle-habanero hot sauce is infused with Jim Beam Black Bourbon & is so delicious you’ll want to use it on everything.

#2 Cajohns Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce: Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper (now the hottest pepper) is blended with lemon juice, spices, & tomato paste to create Sling Blade, 1st place winner of Louisiana’s Ultra Hot Sauce Award.

#3 Ring of Fire Habanero Hot Sauce: This extraordinary sauce is a special blend of fresh tomatoes, onions, habanero chile, roasted garlic & roasted serrano peppers. Enhanced with the savory flavors of the Old Southwest & just the right amount of heat, this sauce compliments any dish. Look for our Playoff Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe.

#4 Marie Sharp’s Green Habanero Pepper Sauce: Marie Sharp uses only the freshest vegetables & finest ingredients including the potent green habanero pepper in her sauce. A combination of prickly pear cactus & key lime juice makes this hot sauce the first of its kind.

#5 African Rhino Peri-Peri Sauce – Mild, Hot & Extra Hot: The exotic peri-peri is Africa’s hottest chile pepper. Strains from Botswana & Mozambique are grown exclusively for the Kalahari Pepper Company so you too can experience the soul of Africa’s “Great Thirstland”, the Kalahari Desert.

#6 Cajohns Quetzalcoatl Ghost Chile Hot Sauce
: This hot sauce combines serrano & ghost chile peppers with distilled vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, salt, onion & cumin. It’s perfect for the chile head who likes a lot of flavor with lots of heat.

#7 Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce Elixir of Capsaicin Extremus: Rumored to be able to cure the common cold, flu & memory loss, this spicy sauce is a blend of habanero peppers, mustard, & other spices. We don’t know if it does cure anything or cleans your colon but, if you like a sauce that sets off the fire alarm & has great flavor, this is the one for you.

#8 Cackalacky Spice Sauce – Funny Name, Serious Zest: Cackalacky is America’s best zest from North Carolina. This unique hot sauce, made with sweet potatoes, is a great dressing, dipper & topper. Fun fact: Cackalacky is the nickname for the birthplace of the American Classic Condiment Culture! Try this condiment on chicken, pizza, omelets & even in soup!

#9 Iguana Gold Island Pepper Sauce: This little piece of Caribbean gold is hot, spicy & full of flavor. It’s a blend of cayenne & habanero peppers & mixed with mustard seed, carrots & spices. It’s the best darn Bajan style pepper sauce & goes on just about everything!

#10 Feisty Parrot: Savage Beast Ghost & Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce is a little more than feisty with its blend of fruits, veggies, the Trinidad Scorpion & Ghost peppers, spices & hint of tequila. Guaranteed to ruffle your feathers!

#11 Ass Kickin’ Original Hot Sauce: Made with habanero & serrano peppers, this Arizona hot sauce is “Kick Yo’ Ass Hot”! Be sure to make the Ass Kickin’ Corn Bread from the recipe on the bottle.

#12 Brother Bru-Bru’s African Chili Pepper Sauce – Mild or Very Hot: Brother Bru-Bru is a legendary musician whom Bob Dylan dubbed “Mr. Tamborine Man”. Told to cut back on salt, Bruce created this delicious, all-natural, low sodium, gluten-free, sugar-free hot sauce. Mild Brother is made with chili peppers while Very Hot features habanero & japones peppers.

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