HHF News – June 2009
Our newsletter has been on hiatus, but in the meantime, we’ve been busy finding the latest and greatest in new adventures for your gustatorial pleasure. Check out what’s new…

Baconnaise and Bacon Salt
As featured on Oprah, we now carry the very popular Baconnaise and it’s skinny cousin Baconnaise Lite. If you like mayonnaise, and if you like bacon, this stuff is for you! And you might not believe it, but it’s even Kosher. Come see for yourself and ask for a sample. And if that’s not enough bacon for you, we also have bacon Salt — oh yeah!

Dry/Wet Marinades: Burgundy, Cajun, Black Forest
I’m so happy that Brian discovered this collection of fabulous new steak and chicken seasonings, but I just can’t decide which one I like best. You use these marinades by mixing the dry seasoning with water. What an easy (and space-saving) way to always have a marinade at-hand. Tons of flavor, and great on game meats, too!

Salsbury Burger Seasoning
Brian just made burgers with this the other night for Savannah’s birthday party. I don’t usually finish a whole burger, but I finished the whole thing (with Baconnaise on it, too, of course).

Adobo Seasoned Salt
This Caribbean-inspired seasoning is a lovely way to bring a taste of Jamaica to your dining table. Use it to season meats, soups, stews and even salads. Just the slightest hint of heat.

Caramel Corn for Adults
Caramel corn isn’t just for kids anymore! Stop by to sample our gourmet caramel corn with an adult twist. Try our Original Gourmet or Chocolate (made with Valrhona Cocoa and Saigon Cinnamon), and the extra spicy Jolokia (made with the hottest chile on the planet – the very definition of sweet heat!). We’ve even made Bacon Caramel corn, using Bacon Salt – also sold separately.

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I’ve added a few new recipes to our Web site – salad dressings, roasted potatoes and an easy baked chicken! Also, you can’t go wrong with Brian’s easy rib recipe.

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