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#1 Saigon Cinnamon: Our favorite cinnamon has the highest oil content (3%) of the cinnamons. Because of the strong flavor, aroma & sweetness, we suggest using it sparingly at first. Great for desserts, drinks, pastries, veggies (like sweet potatoes), pork & Mexican dishes.

#2 Vanilla Powder: Pure Vanilla in an all-natural, alcohol & sugar-free powder. Distinctive from extract or paste, this powder is ideal for dry mixes, liquid or color-sensitive recipes, such as icing & flavoring for beverages & mixed drinks. Elevate the flavor of all your cakes, cookies & pancakes with a sprinkle of this versatile powder.

#3 Heather’s Butt Rub: Our top seller is a smoky blend of salt, smoked black pepper, paprika, garlic, onion & spices & is made by our spice girls. It is the two-time winner of the Hudson Peoples’ Choice competition for pulled-pork. This is our most versatile blend yet. Try it on pork, chicken, steak, fish, veggies, potatoes, eggs & even popcorn!

#4 Porcini Dust: This unique blend of dried mushrooms, black pepper, Celtic sea salt & other spices will add an intense mushroom flavor to any dish. Use as a rub on chicken or pork, add to your masala sauce to ramp up the flavor or add to macaroni & cheese for a grown-up twist.

#5 Himalayan Pink Sea Salt: This is believed to be the purest salt on earth having been protected for millions of years by lava beds in the Himalayan salt beds. No other salt compares when it comes to purity and mineral content. Its many health benefits include: lowering blood pressure, improving circulation & the detoxification of heavy metals. This salt is great for all cooking, brining, grilling & as a beautiful finishing salt.

#6 Grains of Paradise Peppercorn: One of the hardest spices to find, its flavor is a cross between pepper, ginger & cardamom in flavor. Practically unknown in modern western cuisine, it was found to be used in Europe in the middle ages. Add to Middle Eastern lamb or eggplant dishes. Also fantastic on steak or in potato salad.

#7 Rainbow Pepper Blend: A treat for the eyes & the taste buds. It is combination of black tellichery, green, white & pink peppercorns. These four types of peppercorns are different in taste & peppery bite, giving steaks, chops or sautéed vegetables an unforgettable pepper taste.

#8 Mexican Oregano: This oregano is a relative of lemon verbena. Native to Mexico, it also grows in Central & South America. Although Mexican oregano shares the basic pungent flavor of Mediterranean oregano, it also has notes of citrus & mild licorice. It pairs well with chile peppers, cumin, & paprika. Add it to Latin American dishes, Tex-Mex chili & salsa.

#9 Greek Seasoning: A perfect blend of Mediterranean (or Greek) oregano, onion, garlic, bell pepper, lemon peel & other spices. Try it on lamb, steaks, chops, roasts or other Greek dishes. Add a tablespoon to 1/3 cup olive oil for the best dipping oil for bread ever!

#10 Smoked Spanish Paprika: Sweet peppers are smoked & dried to produce a distinctive sweet & smoky taste. Sprinkle on chicken, fish, pork or potatoes for vibrant color & flavor. Add to paella or rice for an authentic Spanish flare.

#11 Saffron (Kashmiri or Moroccan): This spice is derived from the stamen of the crocus flower. It imparts a rich golden-yellow hue to dishes. It is widely used in Indian, Persian & Turkish cuisine. Kashmiri Saffron is the most difficult to find & is recognizable by its dark maroon-purple hue; it is among the world’s darkest, which hints at strong flavor, aroma, & coloring effect. Moroccan Saffron is some of the most fragrant available; it’s strongly perfumed, with an aroma of honey & a pungent bitter-honey flavor.

#12 Cinnamon & Spice Loose Tea: A wonderful balanced blend of Ceylon black tea, cinnamon & orange peel. A medium body that is perfect for the morning or anytime you need comfort in a cup.

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